Canvasback Backseat Cover For 3rd Gen Tacoma – Install & Review

Tacoma Back Seat Cab Liner / Hammock Cover From Canvasback

Durable Seat & Interior Protection Against Your Gear & Pets

There are plenty of Tacoma owners who own dogs or some type of furry companion that rides along for the adventures. I love bringing my dog with me on trips but there’s one thing that I dread. After every trip, my backseat gets covered with dog fur. Then, I’ll have passengers get into my truck and get covered in it.

After doing some research, I came across Canvasback. They specialize in interior vehicle protection and make a premium rear cab liner that doubles as a hammock. Best of all, it is designed specifically for the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma.

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Canvasback Cab Liner For The 3rd Gen Tacoma

The rear cab liner is designed to be used when the rear seats are folded down. It protects multiple pieces of the rear seat bench with a durable canvas material that is highly water and abrasion resistant.

The liner drapes over the rear seat storage compartments and goes across the rear seat backs. Then, the cover attaches to the base of the headrests to protect the area between the rear and front seats.

The Canvasback liner installs with multiple sections of Velcro that help secure it in place during use. Most liners would just move around and fail to protect your seats with an animal walking around and jumping all over them. The Velcro that Canvasback provides is strong enough to keep them in place.

The front portion of the liner goes up high enough that it doubles as a barrier to keep your animals in the back seat. That’s a great feature to stop them from trying to climb in the front and distract you while driving. If you enjoy letting your animals come upfront, this front section can be easily removed.

Canvasback Review For Tacoma

The last feature that I want to highlight is something I also have not seen with other liners. Canvasback made its cab liner/hammock into three separate sections so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Tacoma Rear Seat Cab Liner Protective Cover

All of these sections are also held together with a strong Velcro liner along the edges. You can simply remove the sections as needed. For example, to access the storage compartments behind the liner.


Canvasback Cab Liner Hammock Installation

Installing the cab liner is really simple, which makes the Canvasback liners an easy choice. The cab liner installs into the truck with buckles and Velcro strips (provided).

The only thing you will need other than the liner itself would be some type of surface cleaner and a towel. You will need to clean and prepare the surfaces for the adhesive strips.

Step 1. Fold Rear Seats Down

Installing Rear Seat/Cab Protection For 3rd Gen Tacoma

You need to fold the seats down and place them into the cargo/storage position. I apologize about all the dust in my truck, it’s from all my Arizona off-roading with my windows open.

Tacoma Rear Seats Folded Down

Next, you will need to fold the seat backs into the down position. If you have never done this before, there are two straps on the tops of the seat backs that need to be pulled up to unlatch the seat backs from the cab wall.

After you pull the strap, the seat backs will be unlocked and you can fold them forward and lay them down.

Step 2. Position Cab Liner

Canvasback Interior Protection Liner Review

Lay the cab liner out on the rear seat area and unfold it to prepare for installation. After getting the liner unfolded, you will see one side has two straps with buckles.

Canvasback Cab Liner Installation

These straps will go around the front seat headrests’ bases to hold the front of the hammock up.

Step 3. Clean Surfaces

Cleaning Tacoma For Cab Liner Installation

The side of the liner that is opposite the buckles has one long strip of Velcro that goes from corner to corner. This side of the liner will be going up along the rear of the cab just below the rear window. You will need to use a surface cleaner to clean and prepare the plastic trim.

Installing 3rd Gen Tacoma Cab Liner/Hammock

Remove the clear piece of plastic that is covering the adhesive side of the strip and line it up with the rear plastic cab trim. Then, firmly press it onto the rear cab trim.

Canvasback Cab Liner

Once you have the piece of Velcro installed, you can install the rear portion of the cab liner. Line up the strip on the liner and attach it to the strip on the cab.

Step 4. Install Back & Side Flaps

Canvasback Seatback Cover 3rd Gen Tacoma

The final step to getting your rear cab liner/hammock fully installed is the bottom and back side flaps. The bottom portion has flaps that fold over the sides to protect the exposed seat sides from fur and claws. There is also Velcro attached at the bottom that sticks to the factory floor carpet to hold the flaps down.

The back portion also has flaps that are designed to cover the plastic trim piece on either side where the seat belts are. For both flaps on the rear section, you will attach them to your truck with the same double-sided Velcro used on the rear of the cab.

Final Thoughts

Tacoma Canvasback Cab Liner

Sure, there are many options for rear seat covers or rear seat hammocks for the Tacoma. The Canvasback rear cab liner/hammock, however, has superior quality and added features that you won’t find with generic liners. Plus, they’re made in the USA.

These liners appear to be very durable and will help protect my seats from the destruction that my dog is capable of doing. If you have an animal that often rides in your Tacoma, these liners are a great investment to protect your rear seats.

If you have any questions or comments for me or the product be sure to leave them below!

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