MORRFlate FiveSix PSI Pro Review

MORRFlate FiveSix PSI Pro + Duo Hose Kit

Affordable Easy Way To Air Up Your Tires With Leading Tech

The best way to a smoother ride and more traction on the trails is by airing down your tires. After you’re finished having fun, it’s important to air your tires back up before hitting the pavement again. This is where the MORRFlate ecosystem shines.

While yes, there are many different options for portable air compressors, the FiveSix PSI Pro is powerful, easy to use, and has lots of features that make it stand out from the others.

Check out my previous post – where I tested out the MORRFlate Duo 2-tire hose kit.

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  • FiveSix PSI Pro Air Compressor: Check Price
  • Gen 1 FiveSix PSI Pro (Clearance Savings – Save $86! – While Supplies Last): Check Price

What Is PSI Pro?

Automatic Off-Road Air Compressor - MORRFlate FiveSix

One of the best features is its “set it & forget it” function. This PSI Pro technology allows you to set a desired PSI on the integrated digital display and it automatically stops once it has reached that pressure.

Gone are the days of squatting at each tire to monitor the pressure while inflating. You can instead use this time to chat with friends or pack up gear.

Features & Specifications

Automatic Air Compressor For Overlanding & Off-Roading

The compressor has a 6 ft. air hose attached for hooking up to any 1/4″ industrial coupler/push connect style tire hose. Because it puts out a lot more air than your tire’s valve stem can accept, it is recommended to use a multi-tire hose such as the MORRFlate Quad kit. While you can use the FiveSix PSI Pro on a single tire, the excess air can cause back pressure and strain.

A durable padded carrying case and some heat-resistant gloves for handling are also included.

To power everything, there is a 6 ft. cord with high amperage alligator clips to connect directly to your vehicle’s battery.


  • 5.6 CFM
  • 10-120 PSI (Auto Mode)
  • 1-150 PSI (Manual Mode)
  • 50% Duty Cycle (15 Min On, 15 Min Off)
  • Thermal Cut-Off Switch
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • 12v, 70amps peak, ~45 amps running
  • ~75 dB (1ft away)
  • Dimensions: 13″ L x 9″ H x 6″W

The New Gen2 Has Replaced the Gen1.

Here are the new features: 

  • Stainless Steel Outlet Hose (better heat dissipation and heat sinking)
  • Purge Valve (to release the internal pressures)
  • Resized Aluminum heat sinks (upgraded from ABS to improve performance)
  • Internal aluminum cylinders (upgraded from mild steel to dissipate heat)
  • Thermoconductive paste between the cylinders and heat sinks (help with heat transfer)
  • New piston rings (better material for wear and heat resistance longevity)


12V Air Compressor Connect To Tacoma Battery

To inflate your tires, start by finding a safe flat space to inflate your tires. Once parked, leave your rig running so as not to drain your battery (unless you are using an external battery).

Next, take out your tire hose kit and connect it to the air hose. Then, make sure the valve is closed and fit the air chucks to your tires.

Finally, connect your compressor to the vehicle’s battery (red to positive first, then black to negative).

MORRFlate FiveSix PSI Pro Review

Once your compressor is connected to your battery, the display will light up. Use the + and – buttons to set your desired PSI. Once you have reached the PSI, press the power button to start. Thanks to the PSI Pro technology, that’s all you need to do.

If you want to use the Manual mode, just press the “M” button on top.

After you’re finished, I recommend letting it cool down for a few minutes. While the carry handle remains cool, depending on how long it’s been running, the housing can get quite hot.

Final Thoughts

MORRFlate FiveSix PSI Pro Inflating Tacoma Tires

MORRFlate has thought of it all with its system comprising powerful compressors and multi-tire hose kits. While small, the FiveSix PSI Pro packs a punch without breaking the bank. Being able to set my PSI and leave it to do its thing is a total game changer.

With top-notch parts and high-quality fittings, this one is built to last; I was thoroughly impressed by just how well this machine was put together. I no longer find myself contemplating whether to deflate my tires for the trails as airing up is now quick and easy. I look forward to smooth rides and better traction on the many trails to come! 

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27 days ago

I have the TenSix. It’s a beast! This seems like a good alternative to save some space and cash.

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