2024 Tacoma Build Configurator

4th Gen Tacoma Solar Octane

Now Live On Toyota’s Website: Build Your Future Truck Now!

The time has come! We can finally build the 2024 4th Gen on Toyota’s official website. Albeit, only for normal iFORCE model Tacomas, so no hybrid details yet.

This means that as of right now, the TRD Pro and Trailhunter will be absent from the build configurator. Hopefully, we can expect to see those two models along with the iFORCE MAX powertrain options around the March/April timeframe.

For now, let’s see what we can configure and which packages we can add.

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2024 Tacoma Options

Build and Price 2024 Toyota Tacoma - Build Configurator

As mentioned, you will only see the non-hybrid trucks when you visit Toyota’s website. You can build everything from a base model SR, all the way up to the new luxurious Tacoma Limited. Which one will you choose?

Trim, Cab Config, & Powertrain

Upon selecting a trim level, you will see available cab configurations. The new Tacoma is offered in either a Double Cab with a 5′ or 6′ bed or an XtraCab with a 6′ bed. From there, you can select a powertrain and either 2WD or 4WD. Depending on the cab configuration, you can even opt for a manual transmission! There are some trim level limitations, but there’s still plenty of customization to build your ideal truck.

Colors & Packages

For color choices, you will notice that the SR and SR5 trim levels have limited options. Once you step up in trim levels, you get unique colors like Solar Octane, Blue Crush Metallic, or even Windchill Pearl, a luxurious white pearl color.

You will also notice that the higher trim levels have a ton of packages to choose from. For example, the TRD Off-Road Premium package is an additional $8,800, bringing the total MSRP very close to $56,000! Wild!

Not 100% Accurate

At the time of this post, the configurator isn’t 100% perfect. However, I have noticed that the cab, powertrain, and package options are fairly accurate. The only thing that isn’t working perfectly on the site is the virtual truck as you build, some fit-and-finish 3-D modeling may not be representative of the actual truck that you would receive. For example, the TRD Off-Road will always show a 6′ bed even if you selected a 5′ bed.

After You Build Your Truck

4th Gen Tacoma Build Configurator

Unfortunately, you can’t order your 4th Gen Tacoma with everything you want directly from Toyota right now. However, you can build one that’s close, print out the summary, and take it to your local dealer to see if they can allocate a truck that’s as close as possible. If you have a solid dealer, they will hopefully be on the lookout for a truck that matches what you want and try to pluck that from the incoming inventory.

This is what I did to find my Solar Octane, Off-Road Premium. I had a feeling that Toyota would want to make Premium trucks first to recoup some money from R&D. Fortunately, my dealership was able to allocate one pretty much exactly how I wanted. It was like ordering directly through Toyota even though it technically wasn’t.

Dealer Arrival

4th Gen Tacoma Price Sheet Estimate

When your dealer starts getting trucks allocated, they will have a VSPEC sheet as seen above. This is basically a truck that has been allocated specifically to them and shows the packaging and breakdown of the pricing.

We can expect to see these vehicles trickling into dealerships later this month. Toyota had mentioned that they were aiming to get these trucks on the ground by December, but it doesn’t seem they were able to do so before the holiday season. Toyota began building these trucks around December 18th of 2023 but has yet to ship any to dealers.

I’m not 100% sure how long these trucks will take to get from their plants in Mexico into the United States, but I’m hoping it’s relatively soon.

Final Thoughts

2024 Tacoma Pre Runner

Have you built a 2024 on Toyota’s website yet? If so, which options did you pick, and how much was the total MSRP? Let us know in the comment section below!

Also, let us know if you have a Tacoma on order or if you are going to wait for the hybrid versions to come out later this year. I have a feeling that those will be worth the wait!

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1 month ago

I have spent way too much time “building” trucks recently… lol.

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