Mox Motors Under Hood ROX Light Kit Review

Manufacturer: MOX Motors MSRP: $120
Average Score
  • Build Quality 9.5
  • Fitment 9.5
  • Output Performance 9.0
  • Features 9.0
  • Value - Is it worth it? 9.5
Complete Under Hood LED Lighting Kit With Universal Fitment

If you’ve ever been working on the truck after sunset or been on the trail and needed to pop the hood you know how valuable hands free lighting is, especially when you’re bouncing around trying to wrap things up.

This is definitely one area the Tacoma is lacking, a nice light under the hood. MOX Motors has put together an easy to install kit for under the hood using their new ROX accessory lights. The kit includes everything you need, is super easy to install, and can be fitted in just about any engine bay.

Features & Specs

These ROX lights feature a strong CNC backing with a unique “X” pattern design – a nice nod to their branding – with a poly-carbonate lens and an interior silicone pad to ensure these never overheat.

In the under the hood lighting kit you’ll get a simple, pre-made wiring harness, inline fuses, magnet mounts, and all the associated hardware to get these mounted right where you want them. These are so versatile, you could really mount them just about anywhere you want.

Installation Notes

Installation is really straightforward here. Map out where you want the lights to go using the wiring harness feeding it through the gaps under your hood, making your way around the engine bay by the driver’s side and completing the loop to the battery and your ground nut. Next, use the provided hardware to attach your ROX lights to the magnet mounts and find a good position under the hood where you feel you’d get the most lighting, attach to corresponding red and black wires from the harness and move on to the battery.

Using the ring terminals attach the red wire with the inline fuse to the positive terminal of your battery and the black wire to the ground bolt just inside of the body panel by the battery. From there all you need to do is find a good spot for the on/off switch, I found a factory opening right by the front of the hood that fit perfectly. That’s it, give it a test run and you’ve got lighting under the hood for all your night time endeavors.


These have already come in handy a number of times and the light output is perfect, you can see everything and can even reposition them if needed. I was a little worried about the magnets moving around, but these are very strong – sourced with the trails in mind.

Here is the location I chose for the light switch mentioned above, although they provide everything you need in the kit, you still retain the flexibility to wire these up however you’d like.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this has been a great mod that solves an overlooked problem – engine bay lighting. It’s a simple mod that comes in handy when you need it and has definitely been convenient when it starts getting dark out. MOX did a great job making the kit easy to use and provides everything you need to get this install done in no time at all.

These accessory lights have a number of different uses including rock lights, which MOX also make a kit for using their super powerful magnet mounts that will hold things in place even on the trail. I’ll definitely be thinking of ways I can throw a couple more of these around the rig for some additional lighting.

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