Nomad Kitchen Co. LT Overlander Kit Review

Nomad Kitchen Co. System

Truck Bed Kitchen & Drawer System For Camping & Overlanding

As overlanders, we always seem to struggle with finding more storage. That’s especially true with dialing in a kitchen setup, and fighting the age-old problem of being organized. Storage bins and rugged cases certainly get you by but at the end of the day, we’re always wishing for more.

Packing and unpacking is one of the worst parts of heading out on a trip. Not only is it a hassle, but you also run the risk of forgetting essential equipment! After learning from my mistakes, I concluded that less is more, and having a permanent space for my gear to stay organized is the way to go.

Enter Nomad Kitchen Co. – a one-stop shop for creating an organized space that helps you spend less time packing and more time enjoying your adventures.

Let’s get started!

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Specifications & Features

Nomad Kitchen Overlander LT Review


  • Total Weight Of Unit: 162lbs
  • Drawer Tested Weight: 200lbs
  • On Top Tested Weight: 500lbs
  • Easy 2 Strap Mounting
  • Wood-Construction
  • Custom Soft-Touch Bed Liner Coating


  • Kitchen
    • Stainless Steel Wash Basin
    • Designated Stove Cooking Top
    • Rear Pantry Storage With Cutting Top
    • Bamboo Cutting Board
    • 2 Hooks (Trash Bags, Storage Bags Etc.)
  • Pantry
    • 3 Included Dividers (Can hold up to 5)
    • 1 Countertop Insert (Can hold up to 3)

Company Overview

Two Dometic Fridges Sitting On Nomad Overlander LT Drawers

Nomad was established in 2019 by an engineering graduate with a love for the outdoors, camping, exploration, and design. Having wanted more out of a camp and cooking setup, they started working hard to develop the first Nomad Kitchen.

Since then, Nomad has grown and built their company into a renowned brand that produces high-quality and functional products built right here in California! Quality craftsmanship, affordability, and customizability are all that they strives to achieve. Let me tell you… they sure do uphold those standards.

Configuration Options

The kitchen and pantry can be set up on either the driver’s or passenger’s side. They can also be mounted in several configurations:

  • Split – Allows for a walkway between the two as they’re mounted up against the wheel wells.
  • Stacked – On top of each other anywhere in the bed (middle or sides)
  • Adjacent – What I have, side by side in the middle of the bed

As you can see, there’s a ton of customizability to suit your exact needs.

I was able to walk around the Nomad facility and get inspiration from other setups before picking out my setup and accessories. If you’re local to the Bay Area, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment to do the same!


Nomad Overlander Packaging

Nomad’s goal was to be able to ship the unit fully assembled right to your doorstep and with regular shipping (no freight)! This was to minimize any headaches of damage, cost, accessibility, etc. The packing is custom-cut for your order.

Nomad Overlander Unboxing

If you’re local to the Bay Area, you can save some money and schedule a pickup time at their facility. They can also install your drawer system for you.


Nomad Kitchen Installation

Included in the Overland LT Kit are both the kitchen and pantry drawers along with all the necessary hardware and mounting straps. There are (2) pantry tops, (1) bamboo cutting board, (1) stainless steel wash basin and (1) stove strap!

Nomad also provides some of the most detailed instructions I’ve ever seen come with a product before, leaving no room for error when you install it.

Step 1. Place Drawers

Universal Truck Bed Kitchen Drawer System

The installation of the Nomad Overlander is super simple! With the drawers already being pre-assembled, all you need to do is install some hardware and anchor points to secure them.

First and foremost, pick the side you want the kitchen vs. drawer to be on. With another set of hands, slide them into the truck bed. I opted to place the pantry on the driver’s side and the kitchen on the passenger’s.

Step 2. Install Footman Loops

Universal Truck Bed Kitchen Installation

Next, install the footman loops on the outside of the drawers with two Philips head screws.

Footman loops are used to help strap them down to prevent them from shifting when out wheeling.

Installing Nomad Kitchen Drawers

We decided to install the loops on the inside lower portion of the setup to feed the strap through. The drawer housings also have indentations to help guide the straps!

Step 3. Install Anchor Points

Truck Bed D-Ring Tie-Downs

Installing the anchor points to secure the drawers to the bed is as easy as installing the footman loops! Depending on your bed setup, this step may vary.

Nomad Kitchen Secure Tie Down To Bed Stiffener

For example, I’m running bed stiffeners and used them as my strap attachment point nearest the tailgate. As for the attachment point nearest the cab, we’ll be using the provided anchor points.

Nomad Kitcehn Tie Down Install

With a sharpie and anchor point in hand, line up the anchor with the strap indentations on the kitchen length-wise. If installing in a Tacoma bed, it’s recommended to push the anchor points as close as you can to the wheel well while keeping it flat and flush with the bed floor. Mark where you will be drilling the holes.

Using a 3/16″ bit, drill the two holes per anchor point. The bed is composite and doesn’t require a lot of force to go through it. Secure the anchor points with the provided Phillips head screws and repeat on the other side.

Nomad Strap Install

Install ratchet straps and snug them down until there is no wobble!

Step 4. Secure Drawers

Nomad Overlander Installed In Tacoma Short Bed

Pictured: Riser Beam (bottom) used to elevate over bed stiffeners.

At this point, your drawers are installed! The process is incredibly simple and only requires basic tools to get it done.

The beauty of this setup (which I’ll talk more about later) is how easy it is to take in and out. If you want your bed space back to do truck things, just remove two straps and take them out! This also makes switching up your setup super easy.

Nomad Overlander Drawer & Kitchen

This is how both the pantry and kitchen look empty – (3) dividers, a designated stove area, and the wash basin. The two countertops are not pictured.

Nomad Vs. Others

Nomad Kitchen Counter Top

Nomad takes the best features you could want and puts it all into one compact unit. So far, it’s felt like the perfect solution for both a storage and cooking setup. While there are companies out there that make one or the other, Nomad may be the only company to do both. This gives overlanders everything they could want.

While there will always be questions about building vs. buying, I think this is a great product for someone who either doesn’t have the time or knowledge to create a system like this. After all, it ships to your doorstep ready to go and installs in about 30 minutes!

Highlighted Features

  • Highly customizable wood construction
  • Textured bed liner-like finish
  • No plastic materials
  • Easy installation & removal

Close-Up Details

Nomad Kitchen Overlander Open

Pictured above are the drawers empty with two countertops and a wash basin installed.


Nomad Kitchen & ILE Bags

Nomad works in partnership with ILE out of Berkley California to bring these awesome custom bags that fit specifically to the drawers. These bags are extremely high quality and are handmade just down the street from Nomad’s HQ.

Nomad Kitchen Bag Organization

You can purchase these bags as a whole set or individually depending on your needs! I picked up the sink and tool roll bag, for now.

Some unique bags they offer are:

  • Propane Tank Bag
  • Utensil or Tool Roll (Hooks onto the end of drawer)
  • Multiple-size packing cubes
  • Wash Basin (Sink) Bag


Nomad Kitchen Customization

With the setup constructed out of wood, the options to customize are endless. Nomad thought ahead and provided pre-threaded holes to easily mount things on the go. Whether they’re tie-downs or to secure your fridge slide, there’s an option for everyone.

As previously mentioned, the textured bed liner-like material is very durable and will hold up to whatever you throw at them!

Unique Features

Nomad Kitchen Unique Features

Cutouts on both sides of the designated stove area are made for the propane line to route through to keep it out of the way.

Nomad Kitchen Unique Cutout

The cutout on the bottom was made to save weight and access anything that may’ve fallen!

Nomad Unique Features

There’s even a trash bag hook next to the wash basin!

Pantry Features

Nomad Kitchen Pantry For Outdoor Cooking

Pictured: Two countertops on the pantry side + bamboo cutting board.

The pantry side is awesome and can also be used as a storage drawer, which is exactly what I’ve done with my setup! Being able to use up to (5) dividers and (3) countertops, there’s total customizability. This kit comes standard with (3) dividers.

Being 5″ tall, the pantry is a good height to be able to stack your stuff while also keeping a low profile just below the height of the wheel well. I’ve been able to add recovery gear, camping necessities (lights, cleaning, utensils, etc.), and other niche items that I like to have around.

Kitchen Features

Nomad Kitchen LT Overlander Kitchen At Camp

Oh boy is the kitchen awesome, it’s a serious luxury coming from a minimal tailgate setup.

First and foremost, having a designated place to cook every night is a big stress reliever. Slide out the drawer, revealing all of your items, and you’re ready to go!

The stove top is far enough off the tailgate so that heat isn’t an issue but also close enough so that a 270-degree awning covers it in case of rain. The biggest stove that can fit is 23″ wide; I decided to go with an 18″ model which gives me plenty of room on both sides.

Dometic Powered Faucet Connected To Water Jug

The wash basin or sink is most definitely my favorite feature. The ability to do dishes, wash your hands, or soak something in water is such a luxury when out camping. Yes, there are collapsible sinks but the convenience factor of having it right next to your stove and countertop is awesome.

You can also option your setup with a faucet. I went with the Dometic faucet and water jug.

Stainless Steel Camp Kitchen Sink

Pictured: Removable sink with faucet hole 

Similar to the pantry, the kitchen also has a storage drawer on the rearward side, I’ve designated that one for cooking items while we’re “cheffing” it up.

Initial Review

3rd Gen Tacoma Overland Build With Bed Drawer & Kitchen Setup

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m very excited about this product. I love everything about the Nomad Overlander setup and can’t find any flaws. It exceeds my expectations and performs amazingly; nothing has broken down to date.

The only thing I could complain about is the price. Coming in at $3,500 (fully equipped – including every accessory), it’s steep but you are paying for quality. The age-old saying, “Buy once, cry once” definitely applies here. The kitchen alone costs $1499 and the pantry alone costs $1249.

In all seriousness, the kit is amazing. Being able to go out on an adventure and set up camp in minutes has made the experience 10x more fun. As someone who struggles to cook a good meal at home, let alone camping, I get excited every time I get to use this setup and make a meal.

I’ve had this now for about 4 months and have been dialing in my setup over that time. I have yet to perfect it since there are so many options. After recently picking up a Dometic fridge, I plan on adding a fridge slide to the drawer and will continue to tweak my setup.

Final Thoughts

Camp Kitchen Drawer For 3rd Gen Tacoma

If you’re in the market for something like this, I wouldn’t look any further than Nomad Kitchen Co. As mentioned above, there are a multitude of reasons why this product is great. Ultimately, this product helps you get out there, have fun, and cook some good meals while doing it.

Be on the lookout for the long-term review as I continue to use this setup and get it even more dialed!

Till then – Happy Trails!

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1 month ago

Over $3k for some nice drawers? I’m good

1 month ago
Reply to  Sean Wright

You’re absolutely right. I should have clarified that it is all entirely overpriced for me.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sean Wright

You guys do an amazing job. I have bought more than one product due to your guys reviews and install overviews. If I had unlimited funds or a hookup this would certainly be on my list. Not a dig at trailtacoma or you guys at all….just nomad kitchen co. 😂

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