Prinsu Roof Rack Bottle Opener – Install & Review

Bottle Opener For Prinsu Roof Rack

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A Minimalistic Bottle Opener For Prinsu Roof Racks

Have you ever settled in at camp only to realize that you’ve misplaced your bottle opener? The Prinsu roof rack bottle opener ensures that you’ll always have one ready to go. Not only is it a unique accessory, but you’ll look pretty cool while cracking open a cold one.

Note: Check compatibility with other racks on the market.


Bottle Opener For Roof Racks

Installing this accessory is super simple and only takes a few minutes. The only prerequisite is that you’ll need a Prinsu to attach it to.

Tools Required

  • Ratchet
  • T-30 Torx bit
  • 11mm socket

Step 1. Detach Crossbar

Installing Prinsu Roof Rack Bottle Opener

Once you’ve picked which crossbar to install it on, remove the two T-30 Torx bolts that secure it to the side rail.

Step 2. Mount Hardware

Installing Roof Rack Bottle Opener

With the T-30 bolts removed, you will be able to pull the crossbar up just enough to insert the provided carriage bolt into the T-slot.

Step 3. Mount Bottle Opener

Prinsu Roof Rack Bottle Opener

With the carriage bold inserted, reinstall the (2) T-30 Torx bolts to secure the crossbar. Next, place the opener over the carriage bolt and secure it with the provided washer and nut. There is a cutout that fits over the side rail, so there’s only one way to install it.

Final Thoughts

Roof Rack Bottle Opener

That’s how simple it is to add a bottle opener to your Prinsu roof rack. This is a minimalistic accessory that ensures you’ll always be ready to enjoy your beverage of choice after a long day of driving. Now, get out there and put it to work!

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