Replica TRD Pro Grille Review 2nd Gen Tacoma

Replica TRD Pro Grille on Late Model (2012-2015) 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Affordable Way To Add TRD Pro Styling To Your Truck

You might not know, but the first Tacoma TRD Pro model came out in 2015. With roughly only 1200 made, there aren’t many on the road anymore. So the 2nd Gen TRD PRO grille isn’t as popular as the 3rd Gens. But, hopefully, we can change that!

The replica TRD Pro grille will probably be one of the easiest and cheapest mods you’ll add to your rig. It really changes the front end, making it stand out but while staying subtle at the same time.

As for cost, these go for under $120 just for the grille insert. If you have a chrome outer grille, you can always get it color matched or purchase them already painted from the dealer.

The grille is made of high-quality ABS plastic and feels/looks well built. Fitment is also spot on, with everything clipping into place really easily.

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Replica TRD Pro Grille Install on 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Not much is needed tool-wise. The entire grille is mostly held by clips, Torx head screws, and metric botls.

Required Tools

Step 1. Unboxing

Car Trim Home Replica TRD Pro Grille for 2nd Gen Tacoma

Right out of the box, you can tell the grille was packed very well.

You will also see the grille doesn’t come with the TOYOTA emblem installed.

Toyota Emblem Letters for Replica TRD Pro Grille

The Toyota logo letters come in a separate bag and they just screw onto the grille.

Step 2. Assemble Grille

Assembling Replica TRD Pro Grille for 2nd Gen Tacoma

The grille will have predrilled holes to install the TOYOTA emblem.

2nd Gen Tacoma TRD Pro Grille Detailed Install Guide

Each letter of the emblem will also come with predrilled holes to make installation a breeze.

How To Install Replica TRD Pro Grille on 2nd Gen Tacoma

You will then place each letter in its designated spot.

Install with the provided screws.

Assembled Replica TRD Pro Grille for Toyota Tacoma

Once completed, it should look like this.

That’s it! Now that the grille is assembled, it’s time to remove the factory grille.

Step 3. Remove Factory Grille

Removing Factory Front Grille from 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Removing the factory grille and insert is pretty simple, just gather your tools and pop the hood.

How To Remove OEM Grille on Toyota Tacoma

There will be 2 screws that attach the grille to the core support of the rig.

These screws can be removed by either a 10mm socket or a Philips head screwdriver. These aren’t mounted very tightly so it won’t take too much effort to remove.

Removing Grille on Late Model 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

The lower portion will be held by these clips.

A quick pull on the grille is usually what it takes to remove these but, you can also use your hands to help unclip it.

Removing 2nd Gen Tacoma Grille

Now the grille can be removed from the rig so you can swap out the insert.

2nd Gen Tacoma TRD Pro Grille Installation Guide

Place the grille face down so you can access the Torx head bolts holding the grille insert.

Torx Bit Screws for Removing TRD Pro Grille Insert on 2nd Gen Tacoma

Using your T20 Torx bit, remove all Torx head bolts.

There should be a total of 12.

Plastic Clips for Grille on 2nd Gen Tacoma

Once all the bolts have been removed, you will be left with a bunch of these clips.

Replica TRD Pro Grille Install from Car Trim Home

To remove these clips, you may use a flathead screwdriver or your hands to spread apart the clips holding the insert in place.

Work your way around the grille unclipping all clips being careful to not break any.

2nd Gen Tacoma Front Grille Surround

Now you can remove the factory insert from the outer grille.

Step 4. Install Grille Insert

Installing Car Trim Home Replica TRD Pro Grille for 2nd Gen Tacoma

Now all you need to do is line up the TRD Pro grille insert with outer grille clips and press down firmly.

TRD Pro Grille Install on 2nd Gen Tacoma

Once everything is clipped in and secure, you can install the (12) T20 Torx head bolts back on.

Installing Front Grille - 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Next, just reinstall the grille back onto the rig.

Place the bottom clips in first then bolt the top part of the grille back to the core support with either a 10mm socket or Phillips head screwdriver.

That’s it, now you’re done!

Final Thoughts

Install & Review for Car Trim Home Replica TRD Pro Grille - 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Changing the factory grille to the TRD Pro grille replica really changes the way the front end looks. Giving it a clean and subtle, yet factory look to it. This modification is a must, and it won’t break the bank.

Updating the grille on your Tacoma makes a big difference. The install is so easy—you can do it with simple tools in a parking lot. If you decide to paint match the outer chrome grille, it will flow that much better!

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