WOLFBOX G900 Mirror Dash Cam Review

WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam

Universal Front & Rear Camera System With Simple Installation

Have you been looking for a modern system that covers both the front and rear? Look no further! With it, you get a 4K front, 2.5K rear, noise-canceling audio, a GPS tracker, and a 12″ touch screen. Plus, everything is plug-and-play, making it a perfect upgrade for any vehicle.

Previously, I was using a Garmin and while it worked great, I wanted a rear camera. With the new setup, the 2.5K can be set up to watch the truck bed, even if the back seat is full. WOLFBOX claims to have improved the “Night Vision” as well.

It has looped recording, so even if the SD card is full, it will begin recording over the oldest saved files. There is also an optional 24-hour parking monitoring feature in the event that there is an accident while you’re away from your vehicle.

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    WOLFBOX Dashcam Review
    The system comes with the following:

    • G900
    • WDR Backup
    • Car Charger (11.5ft)
    • Backup Cable (21ft)
    • GPS Module
    • 64GB TF Card
    • Rear Bracket, In-Car Bracket
    • User Manual
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Easy Pry Tool

    This kit is pretty much universal and is compatible with nearly any vehicle. I wanted to hide all of the wires so that I wasn’t left with them dangling down from the mirror to my cigarette adapter. So, I chose to go with the Dongar Technologies power adapter. This is the same one I used for my previous Garmin setup.

    I also upgraded to a much larger SD card over the 64GB that was provided. Other than that, this kit is ready to go out of the box.

    Rear Install

    Wolfbox Backup Camera

    The rear can be installed in several ways. I mounted mine just inside the rear window on the driver’s side. The provided 3M tape holds up well and makes for simple mounting.

    I wanted to retain a full view of my truck bed and anything behind me if I had my back seat full. Mounting it on the rear window accomplishes that. Since the provided cable is 21 feet long, I can easily relocate it to my bed rack if desired.

    Cable Routing

    WOLFBOX Wiring Routing In A Tacoma

    I can be a bit neurotic about hiding cables. Luckily, when routing the rear camera cable, the weather stripping easily slid out of the door jam and I was able to hide the cables and tuck the excess under the headliner. Up front, I managed to route the cable behind the A-pillar down to my dash.

    It may take an extra 10-15 minutes to route all of this cable how you would like, but it is completely worth it in my opinion. In areas where I had a lot of excess cable, I used a handful of zip ties to keep it rolled up.

    I do believe zip ties are ranked right up there with sliced bread. You can never have enough!

    Front Install

    WOLFBOX Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

    To mount the 4K front is quite simple. First, make sure the SD card is installed. Now is also a good time to choose a location to mount the GPS module. With the provided tape, I placed it right next to the rearview mirror mount. I was so excited that I had hidden all my wires and lit up on caffeine, I forgot to grab a picture of that.

    Wolfbox provides several heavy-duty retainer bands. Simply place the it over your existing rearview mirror and attach the bands. They hold it in place very well. Once it is snug, you can plug in the rear cable and the GPS cable. Each has its own female-fitting location.

    Next is the power supply. Since I went with the Dongar Technologies adapter, I simply plugged the power supply directly into the backside of the rearview mirror.

    If you choose to go the traditional route, you can plug your power supply into the 12v cigarette adapter and secure the cable however you would like.

    Lastly, this is where you begin using those zip ties and hiding cables for a clean installation. Use as many or as few as you’d like, to each their own.

    Top Features

    Front & Rear Dash Cam 3rd Gen Tacoma

    There are a couple of features I would really like to highlight:

    • The main 12″ screen has four settings. You can view the front, the rear, or a combination of both. Switching is simply swiping your finger from right to left. I prefer to drive with the rear one on the left side of the screen and the forward one on the right side.
    • The GPS provides and records your approximate speed. For me, this does not start until the system has been running for 1-2 minutes.
    • You can set the recordings to go in loops of 1, 2, or 3 minutes.
    • On the right side of the screen, it lists the time and date in whichever format the owner chooses.
    • When using just the forward or rear-facing, the driver can even adjust the field of view.

    Final Thoughts

    3rd Gen Tacoma Digital Rear View Mirror

    Needless to say, I am completely impressed by and am enjoying my new setup. Installation was not too difficult and it works extremely well. I live in south Georgia where the heat can be brutal and this system has held up flawlessly.

    Overall, this is a great mod for just about anyone looking to upgrade. I also have several close friends who have this in their 4Runners. With its simple installation, it would work quite well on any vehicle.

    Oftentimes, off-road and overlanding vehicles are lifted and have items mounted that only make blind spots worse. Adding some “insurance” for a safer ride just makes sense. Plus, it’s an excuse to use more zip ties!

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