MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Review

MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Air Compressor - Review & Overview

Spend Less Time Airing Up Your Tires With Auto Shut-Off Technology

Airing down your tires for the trails is one of the best things you can do for ride comfort and traction. For a while, I was the guy who after the trails, would have to bother my buddies to borrow their compressor to air up my tires. Suffice it to say, an air compressor is a really important piece of equipment to have in your vehicle.

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro is a powerful option that is here to perform when you need it. Not only is it designed to air up your tires, but to inflate all of them at the same time. With it, you no longer have to worry about borrowing a friend’s compressor or driving on low tire pressure to the nearest gas station.

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Who Is MORRFlate?

New MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Air Compressor

Back in 2016, MORRFlate began with an idea to improve the way and speed at which you air down or up your tires offroad. The founder, Tyler Laursen, wanted to make a system to improve this time-consuming process and decrease the amount of what he calls “tire-side squats”. His air hose system started to gain attention within his local 4×4 community and the increasing interest led to what is now known as the Quad system.

Fast forward to 2023, they now have their own in-house designed powerhouse of an air compressor, the TenSix PSI Pro. This is in addition to their catalog of offroad accessories including digital tire pressure gauges, a tool roll bag, and a selection of tire repair products.

Specs & Features

MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Air Compressor In Carry Bag

Gen 1 (as tested)

  • Air up 35″ tires from 10 to 40 PSI in under 5 mins (when combined with a 4-way hose kit)
  • Dual cylinder
  • 10.6 CFM at 0 PSI (6.5 CFM at 30 PSI)
  • 10-120 PSI (auto)
  • 1-150 PSI (manual
  • Thermal cutoff switch
  • 50% duty cycle (15 min on & 15 min off)
  • 50 running amps (12V 90 amps peak)
  • 70-75db noise level (1ft away)
  • Digital PSI screen with tactile buttons for Power / Manual & Auto modes

Gen 2 (updates)

  • 80% duty cycle (45 min on, 10 min off)
  • Better carrying bag
  • Threaded caps for filter (allows mounting in other orientations)
  • USA standard fittings (color matched)
  • Stainless outlet hose
  • Purge valve
  • Better heat sinks
  • Internal aluminum cylinders
  • New piston rings

The PSI Pro comes with a 6ft power cord that terminates in red and black alligator clips to connect directly to your vehicle’s battery. A 6ft air hose comes off the compressor to connect directly to a multi-tire inflation kit to seamlessly air up multiple tires at once.

The compressor also comes with a beefed-up carrying case that has accessory pockets for smaller items like valve stem covers.

Note: MORRFlate recommends not to use this compressor to air up one tire at a time. Due to the large air volume output, this would create back pressure on the unit. Repeatedly using it with only one tire will cause damage to the unit.

Size & Weight

MORRFlate Compressor Review

The TenSix PSI Pro is on the bigger and heavier side for an air compressor with overall dimensions coming in at 14″ L x 7″ D x 9″ H. When you first pick it up, you can feel its weight. For a piece of equipment this high-performing, though, that isn’t be a bad thing.

This portable yet powerful beast is going to air your tires up and get you back on the road in no time.

Final Thoughts

Off Road Air Compressor With Automatic Shutoff

I’ve only owned one other compressor before the TenSix PSI Pro, but I’ve used a few other brands that my buddies own. This compressor is very impressive and will fill your 33″+ tires faster than you might imagine.

For my initial test, I deflated all my tires with my Quad hose kit then connected the TenSix PSI Pro to reinflate them. After setting the auto PSI shutoff feature to 36 PSI I was shocked with how quickly it finished the task. I actually thought something went wrong, but it was just that fast.

Paired with a multi-tire hose kit, the MORRFLate TenSix PSI Pro takes the airing up process to another level. You’ll no longer have to hover over your tires watching the pressures and can instead chat with buddies or tidy up the rest of your rig. Now that both items are part of my setup, I only regret that I went so long without having them in my offroad arsenal.

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