Rollercam Tie-Downs & Straps Review

Rollercam Cam Buckle Strap Review

Perfect For Securing Your Gear & Items Around Town Or During Overland Trips

There are a handful of items that we use daily or carry on our rigs to be ready to use at any time. One of those important items are some type (or assortment) of tie-downs. A big problem with typical ratchet straps, though, is that they can be a bit cumbersome to use, especially if you’re not used to them. Rollercam solves this issue with their “cam straps”.

This innovative option utilizes a buckle with metal teeth that bite down on the strap to hold it in place. This allows you to easily tighten them down by hand rather than a ratchet mechanism. The best part is that they come in numerous lengths and styles so that you can use the correct length for any application without a ton of excess strap lying around.

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Cam Straps Vs. Ratchets

Rollercam Cam Buckle Securing Portable Fridge In Truck Bed

These two are the most commonly used tie-downs but are built differently in workload capacity, setup/tear-down time, and versatility.

Ratchet straps typically have a higher working load and are usually used for heavier loads such as lumber. However, they are more complex and require a little more time to set up and take down. They can be fed the wrong way, over-ratcheted, or become tangled, causing issues and slowing you down.

Cam straps, on the other hand, are intended to be used for lighter loads such as camp fridges and gear, but are also a lot simpler to use and require very little effort. It’s pretty hard to mess up when using these.

Strap Options

Rollercam Cam Buckle Tie-Downs

There are several different strap options available, allowing for different uses and ways to secure any type of load. They also come in a large variety of lengths and colors for all applications.

Rollercam’s technology allows their straps to be 5-10x stronger and more effective than the standard cam strap on the market. Their strap options come in…

  • Straight End – Feeds through the buckle like a normal strap, good for pretty much anything, but excels with larger loads. This is the most conventional strap end.
  • Loop End – Features a loop on each end, allowing you to run the strap through itself. This makes it impossible to come undone while carrying a load; the surefire way to secure objects to a roof rack or interior tie down points.
  • Hook End – Has metal hooks sewn into the strap, perfect for use in the bed and attaching to metal tie downs.
  • Carabiner End – Carabiner gives durability of hook end with security of a closed loop.

Latest Product – Roperoller

Guy Rope Alternative - Roperoller From Rollercam

Aside from the cam straps, Rollercam offers their new, patented RopeRoller tie-downs. This type features a 3mm reflective para cord with quick-release brass roller clamps on the ends. These clamps operate similarly to the cam buckles, have a working load of 35 lbs, and work great for canopy and awning tie-downs.

Endless Uses

Rollercam Roperoller & Extra Long Cam Straps

Unlike others on the market, the multiple designs allow for endless tie-down options. Even though they are typically used for lighter loads, they work for almost anything. I have a lot of these, and they all get used quite often.

They have done a great job in keeping my essentials strapped and secure, including my spare 34″ tire, SetPower RVS450 fridge, and Milwaukee pack-out system for work. If you have traction boards, a paddle board, jerry cans, or any other adventure accessory, Rollercam ties are the perfect way to easily secure them.

Final Thoughts

Rollercam Cam Straps Securing Spare Tire In Truck Bed

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people trying to transport something and end up scrambling to find a tie-down strap. Rollercam offers some of the best options on the market and should be part of your collection.

If you currently use standard ratchet straps or have been in the market for tie-downs, I highly recommend considering these for their ease of use and convenience. Stay strapped, my friends.

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