Toyo Open Country AT3 Review

Toyo Open Country AT3s on Method Race Wheels 701s - Full Review & Overview

5,000 Miles With This Popular All Terrain Tire Option

Perhaps nothing makes more of an impact on the capabilities of your Tacoma than a good set of tires. Whether you’re hitting the highway or the trails, you rely on a capable set of tires to get you all the way to your destination, and then all the way back home.

For most Tacoma owners, a set of all-terrain tires best fits our balanced on and off-road needs. With all the available all-terrain tires on the market, here’s why you should consider a set of Toyo’s new AT3 tires. This article will cover my experiences with the tires over the past few months through a variety of terrains and conditions.

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Super White 3rd Gen Tacoma with AL Offroad Aluminum Roof Rack & Toyo Open Country AT3s in the Snow

Toyo’s previous all-terrain tire, the A/T II, was a solid performer and one of the most popular all-terrain tires on the market. The unique S-shaped center tread pattern cut back on road noise while creating more biting edges for tough off-road use. Their next generation of A/T tire, the Open Country A/T III, takes this legacy of performance and reliability to the next level.

Toyo re-designed the A/T III tire from the ground up, with an emphasis on wet and snow handling. The tires are made using a new compound that lasts longer and performs better in the rain and snow. With more evenly distributed void spacing, these tires will throw snow, mud, and rocks more easily without chunking or excessive wear.

The S-shaped pattern in the center of the tread makes the tire quieter on the highway while putting more rubber on the ground, making these tires grip better, especially in off-road applications. The large shoulder lugs on the outside of the tread provide excellent grip in mud and sand as well. In the snow, these tires are simply unstoppable. I’ve been blown away by the places I’ve been able to go in my Tacoma because of the capability of these tires.

These particular tires also have a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty and the Toyo limited warranty. Not to mention, Toyo Tires offers a 500-mile, or 45-day, satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love them, they’ll take them back.


Bronze Method 701 Wheels with 285/75/16 Toyo Open Country AT3s

These new all-terrains have some unique features that make them stand out from other companies.

New Tread Compound & Design

  • Great wet braking and handling
  • Cut and chip resistant
  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Peaceful and comfortable ride

Evenly Distributed Void Area

  • Increased on and off-road traction
  • Better tread block rigidity
  • Great stability and better handling
  • Even wear throughout

More Lateral Grooves

  • Better traction on all surfaces, including snow and wet conditions

3D Multi-Wave Siping

  • Awesome wet and snow traction
  • Ensures even wear

Staggered Shoulder Lugs

  • Improved off-road traction

Stone-Ejecting Blocks

  • Help remove stuck stones

Initial Thoughts

Full Review & Overview for Toyo Open Country AT3 on 3rd Gen Tacoma

I’ve owned these tires for just shy of 5,000 miles now. I purchased a set in a 285/75R16 size. I cannot emphasize how big of a difference I noticed moving to these tires from the stock Goodyear Wranglers. The difference was truly night and day.

I was afraid these tires would make the on-road handling stiff or rough, and I was surprised to find they ride better than my stock tires and give me better handling and grip. They corner well, even in the rain, and handle long, hot highway drives with no problems.

Road Noise

Method Race Wheels Bronze 701 with Toyo Tires Open Country AT3s on Super White 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

While they’re marketed as quieter tires, so it’s important to note you can still hear them inside the cab over 35mph. With that said, they are by no means obnoxious or droning like more aggressive Toyo Open Country R/T or M/T tires.

My AL Offroad roof rack, which is very quiet as far as roof racks go, makes more noise in the wind than these tires make on the road – turning your radio on to quiet volume will cover up this noise nicely. Let’s face it though, if you’re driving a truck like a Tacoma and looking for a quiet ride, you’re in the wrong vehicle.


Lifted Double Cab Long Bed Super White 3rd Gen Tacoma with 33" Tires & Bed Rack with Maxtrax

Off-road performance is what you’re likely here to see, so let’s break it down.

I’ve rock crawled on jeep trails, sped down dirt roads, driven through deep sand, hit the occasional mud hole, and even managed to find some seriously deep snow in Arizona. These tires never missed a beat in all these conditions or any part of the pavement in-between.

Dusty rocks at Broken Arrow? No problem. Sharp, rocky river beds in Box Canyon? Nothing to it. Twelve inches of fresh snow on the road? Be prepared to be the recovery vehicle!

What To Consider

3rd Gen Tacoma with Ironman 4x4 5" Universal LED Light Kit with Side Shooters on AL Offroad Roof Rack

I genuinely haven’t found a scenario where these tires showed any flaws. They especially shine in the snow, outperforming any other tire I’ve come across. They were able to get traction where no other tire could, helping me recover multiple vehicles in the deep, wet snow.

Nothing on any other mid-sized or full-sized vehicle I recovered (all-terrain and mud-terrain) could compete with these tires. My only gripe is the stiffness; if you’re taking these tires off-road, I would strongly recommend airing these tires down to 10-15 PSI, or whatever pressure you prefer. I have complete confidence that these tires can handle even the toughest trails while aired down.

Many people seemed to have a problem with the previous version of these tires wearing prematurely or unevenly. While I haven’t owned these tires long, I can say they’re wearing perfectly on all four corners after inspecting them on their first rotation. They also balanced very nicely, so you won’t have to worry about excessive counterweights.

Rating & Comparison

Toyo Tires Comparison & Performance Chart

We always find it good to include these charts from the Toyo Tires’ website.

They make it easy to see all of the similar tire offerings side-by-side and can help you to make a more educated decision based on your tire needs.

Final Thoughts

5,000 Mile Review of the Toyo Open Country AT3s on 3rd Gen Tacoma

All-terrain tires aren’t the best choice for every Tacoma owner. But, if you’re looking for the perfect all-around tire that does especially well off-road and in winter conditions, these tires are a no-brainer.

Not many tires can handle everything you throw at them this well. I continue to be impressed with their capabilities in all conditions, but especially in the snow and on wet, icy roads. I would absolutely recommend these tires to anyone considering an all-terrain type tire for their Tacoma.

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Kenneth Lutz
Kenneth Lutz
4 months ago

I know this is an older review, but I just got the AT3 and came across this article in my research. Off topic but I noticed you removed your mid flaps and I’m curious your experience. Paint getting dinged a lot?

1 year ago

What lift do you have to fit the 285s any rubbing?

Alex T
Alex T
2 years ago

Hi Adam, Thank you for the review! I’m nearing the end of life on my LT285/70 R18 Nitto Exo Grapplers on a lifted 2010 Sequoia. I tow a 7k lbs RV quite a bit and go fishing in the Pacific Northwest a tonne so I’m on dirt roads that accumulate a lot of deep mud pits. I also see a fair bit of snow. I loved the Exo Grapplers as they seemed to be awesome for towing and stability and the tire wear is great, I’m on par to hit 70-75k Miles by the end of this year with 20k… Read more »

C. Morgan
C. Morgan
2 years ago

After reading your review I decided to try a set on my 14 Tacoma T/X Baja. I’m hopeful we’ll get some snow soon so I can really get out and play. Thanks for the good info.

3 years ago

thanks for the review, Adam. We experience all these conditions in our area and it’s a priority to have great tires on our f350 4×4. Keep up the good posts. Thank you.

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