maXspeedingrods 5kw Diesel Heater Review

Maxspeedingrods Diesel Heater For Camping & Overlanding

Affordable, Portable Heat For Overlanding & Camping

Just because the days are short and the temps are low, that doesn’t mean your camping adventures need to be put on hold. Keep your rooftop tent, Tacoma topper, or truck camper warm in even the coldest climates by adding a diesel heater to your setup.

Requiring only a 12V power source and fuel, they are an easy and affordable way to stay warm while out camping. Below, you will find mounting options, preventative measures, setup tips, and other pertinent information to ensure your it will keep pumping out that sweet warmth for many trips to come.

This option is on the lowest end of the price spectrum. If you’re looking for the other premium end, check out the new Two Track Nation HOT BOX.

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What’s Included

maXspeedingrods 5kw Diesel Heater From Amazon

Included in the package are…

  • maXspeedingrods 5kw unit
  • Remote control
  • Exhaust and muffler
  • Exhaust wrap
  • Intake hose
  • Ducting & various hose clamps
  • Gloves
  • Power cable
  • Mounting hardware.


Affordable, Cheap 5kw Diesel Heater For Overlanding

I opted to mount my heater on an inexpensive tire step that I picked up from Amazon (linked above). This gives me the option to mount it on the side of the truck. Or, if the elements aren’t in my favor, the underside of my tent so it doesn’t get exposed to rain or snow. This also keeps adequate space between the ground and the heater and isn’t as much of a trip hazard.

I simply took a hole saw and drilled a hole in the middle of the step to allow the exhaust and intake hoses to easily be installed and removed. Lastly, I bolted the whole unit to the step using the various hardware supplied.

How To Set Up

Heating RTT With A Portable Diesel Heater

Once you’ve got your heater mounted, it’s as simple as running your ducting up into the tent, attaching your power cable to the unit and your 12v power source, and powering up the unit.

Tips & Preventative Measures

Amazon 5kw Diesel Heater - Setup Guide & Overview

While these are straightforward to use, there are a few measures to take to ensure you don’t run into issues while out on trips.

Inline Fuel Filter

Adding an inline fuel filter is a small price to pay for some added peace of mind. I picked mine up from advance for less than $10. To install one, cut the fuel line close to the outlet on the fuel tank, making sure the filter is oriented correctly. Then, slip the lines onto the inlet and outlet of the filter and add small hose clamps to secure them.

Hose Clamps

Additionally, I purchased a few 3″ thumb screw hose clamps to use on the outlet ducting. These expedite the setup and teardown process since you do not have to fiddle with a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the supplied hose clamp.

CO Detector

While the exhaust is always routed outside, I recommend purchasing a carbon monoxide detector to keep inside the tent with you while running the heater. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

General Tips

If you find yourself running it on a lower setting for extended lengths of time, it’s good practice to crank it up on high for a few minutes before shutting it down to make sure any remaining unburnt fuel gets cleaned out.

Doing this as well as letting the it run through its cool-down process will prevent clogging issues down the road.


maXspeedingrods 5kw Diesel Heater Review

Diesel heaters provide an abundance of warm dry air. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to condensation inside your tent. Out of all the trips where we’ve used the unit, the only condensation I have noticed is at the entrance of the tent where our dog sleeps. However, it’s very minimal and could most likely remedied with an anti-condensation mat beneath the mattress.

The noise is minimal, with the majority of that coming from the fuel pump which is a minor “ticking”. The higher you run it, though, the more noticeable the ticking will be. This can be minimized by adding some insulation around the fuel pump if you find it to be too loud.

The supplied ducting also had some room for improvement. While it worked okay, it was very rigid and limited where I could run it into the tent due to the shorter length. I purchased an 8′ section of heat-rated ducting which has been much easier to use and packs away very small.

There are two settings to choose from…

  • Celsius – Measures ambient temperatures and runs until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Hz (hertz) – I’ve found it easier to control the heat output with this setting.

These settings can be adjusted using the control panel on the front.

Fuel consumption will vary based on how high you run things. This can range from the advertised 0.16-0.48 liters per hour, which I find to be pretty accurate. Battery consumption is minimal, with the most draw happening during the startup and cool-down process (10-15 amps). It’s important to make sure your power source is rated for this to avoid startup errors. Once the it is running, it draws minimal power.

Final Thoughts

maXspeeding 5kw Diesel Heater For RTT On Tacoma - Setup Guide & Overview

Initially, I wanted to get a diesel heater to persuade my wife to join me on camping trips in the East Coast cold weather, and it’s done just that.

My family and I have been using the unit for a few months now, in temps as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 degrees Celsius). We even found ourselves cracking a window open due to the amount of heat that it was cranking out.

Being a budget-minded individual, I wanted something that worked well while not breaking the bank. This one checks all the boxes. Setting it up at camp only a few minutes, and most of that time is spent hooking up the battery and routing the ducting into the tent.

Overall, I have been highly impressed. I look forward to many more cold-weather adventures with it in the future. While I have not run into any operational issues with it yet, I always make sure to have adequate cold-weather bedding just in case.

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