SnugTop Super Sport Review

SnugTop Super Sport Topper Review & Overview for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Fiberglass Topper That’s Loaded With Optional Features

Many months ago, I decided that I needed to get some sort of cover for the bed of my 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport 4X4. After hundreds of searches on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I decided to take a trip to my local camper shell dealership to get an idea of what features I would want.

Following a short pitch from the salesman and some good old-fashioned negotiating, I left with a SnugTop Super Sport on my truck and I could not have been more excited!


  • Frameless, glass pop-out side windows;
  • Carpeted interior;
  • Overhead light;
  • and a sliding front window that folds down.

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SnugTop Super Sport Topper on Silver Sky Metallic 3rd Gen Tacoma

This cap offers an additional secure and lockable storage space, a roof over your head when car camping, and the potential for extra roof rack space, among many other uses.

SnugTop has been offering a variety of truck caps and tonneau covers since 1965, so I was confident in my decision when I bought my shell. I have had the Super Sport on my double cab short bed (DCSB) for the last 3 months and I have done everything from long highway drives to sleeping in the back to some moderate offroading.

If a hard shell topper is not for you, check out our Softopper review. Additionally, if you’re torn between campers, bed racks, and camper shells, or would like to learn more about your options, then check out this informative article from Daniel.

To learn more about my experience with this shell, including what I would change and what I love about it, keep reading.


Complete Review for SnugTop Camper Shell for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Considering the many companies that make shells (SnugTop, Leer, Century), each of which produces several models with a variety of features, it can quickly become overwhelming when you are searching for the right cap for your truck.

SnugTop Super Sport Bed Topper Features

This is especially true because hard shells aren’t exactly cheap, it is easy to get caught up in every little feature and whether or not they are worth the money.

 Available Options

  • Flush-mounted All Glass Side Windows
  • Pop-out Rear Side Windows
  • SNUGRUG Interior Shell Headliner
  • All Glass Tailgate with Curved Glass
  • Multiple Roof Rack Options
  • Fuel Saving Aerodynamic Styling
  • Interior Light
  • One-Piece Construction (Fiberglass)
  • Tinted Glass
  • Lifetime Warranty on Paint and Structure

Obviously, this is a lot to take in. So let me break down what I think is most important and what you should consider before pulling the trigger on a cap for your Tacoma.


Detailed Overview of the SnugTop Super Sport Truck Cap for 3rd Gen Tacoma

On the Super Sport, the side windows have sections in the back that pop-out allowing a little bit of air to flow through the bed space.

These do not have sliding windows and only the sections towards the rear of the window crack open. If you think that you’ll be accessing items towards the front of the bed, being able to reach in through the side windows is key and not an option with this model.


Hard Shell Bed Camper Shell for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

With hard shells, there are two height categories: cab-high and high rise. Cab-high, as the name suggests, matches the height of your cab (as the Super Sport does). High-rise caps are taller than the cab allowing for more space in the bed.

I personally prefer the sleek look of the cab-high design but I have had a few unfortunate moments slamming my head into the roof while camping which wouldn’t have happened with a high rise.


SnugTop Super Sport Topper for 3rd Gen Tacoma - Pros & Cons

Depending on the company and model you select, the prices can vary. Although, generally, I would say the price ranges from $1900 – $3500.

The Super Sport falls on the higher end of that scale, but it depends on how your local dealership prices it. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are good places to look for a used shell to save some money.

Pros & Cons

SnugTop Super Sport Bed Topper Review on 3rd Gen Tacoma


The main thing that I love about the Super Sport is the sleek and clean look. Thanks to the frameless windows, this cap has a look that avoids any bulk or unnecessary features. I personally also find the cab-high shell to be much more aesthetically pleasing than other options.

Another aspect of this cap that I have come to appreciate is the carpeted interior. The carpeted interior provides a solid layer of insulation inside the Super Sport. This is particularly important if you are camping, as it will maintain the internal temperature much better and will get rid of any possibility of condensation build-up. It also pairs well with velcro if you have anything you want to stick to the inside like homemade bug screens.

One of the biggest reasons that I chose this shell over a soft topper was the security. Since you can lock this shell, you can put anything in your bed with the peace of mind that it won’t easily be stolen.

The final pro that I want to mention is the weather-resistant aspect of a hard shell. This is a major benefit because it keeps everything you put in the bed dry when it is raining or snowing. This is one of the downfalls of a rooftop tent on bed racks for camping because all of your important gear has to be in the cab with you if you camp in the rain. The hard shell also allows for easy and comfortable stealth camping in the occasional Walmart parking lot if you are going from one remote location to the next.


Although I could go on forever about why this shell is awesome, it is definitely not perfect for everyone.

The greatest downfall of the SuperSport is the price tag. I was quoted $3400 from one of my local dealerships. That is a difficult pill to swallow! Out of sheer luck, the dealership that I went to had ordered this cap for another customer who also drove a 3rd gen Tacoma short bed in the same color but they had backed out, so the dealership knocked $1000 off the price tag.

If I am being honest, I probably would not have gotten this model if it weren’t for the major price drop. If you really want this product but can’t drop that much money, I would keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and any other second-hand sales website.

The only other major complaint I have about this SnugTop is that the side windows do not pop out. This means that when something small slides all the way to the front of the bed, I have to crawl in and pull it out. With a sliding side window that pops out, doing this would be 10 times easier. I made some drawers for the small items so that I could slide them out and make full use of my bed so this issue can be rather easily solved.

A minor note to take into consideration is the weight. As with putting anything heavy in your bed, the rear end of your Tacoma will sag to a certain degree. I originally had a 2” leveling kit in the front when I purchased the shell. Once the cap was installed the rear end of my truck was noticeably sagging. I figured this would be a good time to lift the rear so now I am level again but weight is a factor worth considering.

Final Thoughts

Aftermarket Hard Shell Hardtop for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma

Due to the price, I can’t say I would recommend this option to every truck owner I know. But if you are someone looking for a solid solution to stealth camping or secure and weather-resistant storage space in your bed, this is a great product as long as you can swallow the hefty price tag or find one used.

All in all, I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of the SnugTop Super Sport. After using it both on and off-road and sleeping under it many times, I can say I have no regrets in purchasing this cap.

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Bob graham
Bob graham
1 year ago

Looking for just a snug top for a new 22 Toyota Tacoma

2 years ago

To reach items that slide to the back of the bed, I made a tool by threading a large screw-in utility hook into the end of a broomstick. I keep it in the bed all the time. Works great.

Michael Angelo Sevilla
Michael Angelo Sevilla
2 years ago

Can you put a rail on top to accommodate a roof top tent or other stuff? Just to make it more modular for overlanding/offroading?

3 years ago

I have been debating the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell camper for my 2nd gen Tacoma and this definitely helps. The photos are super helpful as well. I really like the Snugtop but that price tag is a hard pill to swallow for sure. I don’t demand too much security out of my system so I may just start with a Softopper and go from there.

3 years ago

Your review was incredibly helpful! Great pictures too.

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